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Looking for information about a specific issue? Trying to get an idea of what you may be facing when you decide to separate? Explore a comprehensive breakdown of our practice areas below to learn about the decisions we want to help you make.

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How we can help. Our practice areas.

Divorce and Family Law

Family Law is everything from drafting and negotiating premarital agreements to establishing paternity and, yes, divorce. Family Law situations can be stressful and difficult for everyone, but it does not have to be that way. We will help you move forward confidently and with dignity.


Child Custody and Child Support

Grandparents’ Rights

Paternity and Legitimation

Step-parent and Adult Adoptions

Termination of Parental Rights

Surrogacy, Storage of Eggs and Embryos

Name Changes

Equitable Distribution/Property Settlement

Postseparation Support/Alimony

Separation Agreements

Consent Orders

Nuptial Agreements

Same-sex Marriage, Divorce and Child Support

Domestic Violence and Civil Restraining Orders

Alienation of Affections and Criminal Conversation

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (“QDROs”)


We truly believe in the power of mediation. Not only do we think it’s best for parties to try and work with one another before going to court, but the courts require it. We help parties see a place of compromise and commitment to leaving mediation with the least emotional damage to everyone involved.

Divorce Mediation

Unmarried Couples/Same-Sex Couples

Client Mediation

Trusts and Estate Planning

We’ll guide you through the process of anticipating and arranging your estate to minimize taxes and offer other benefits. Trusts allow a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary.

Last Will and Testament

Durable Power of Attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney

Living Will/Advance Directive


Appeals are not only procedurally complex, but they are not a “quick fix” to a trial court’s misstep. Let us talk you through whether you are eligible to appeal, what the process will look like, and whether there are other options available to you.

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