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Sometimes cases go wrong in court and we have to ask the Court of Appeals to review what happened. Unfortunately, not every issue is appealable. Our attorneys have handled appeals where things went wrong in our own cases at the trial level, and appeals where things went wrong in other attorneys’ cases. Not only are appeals important for the cases being appealed, but handling appeals also helps us to be more mindful of what can go wrong in cases at the trial level and how to prevent it in the future. Our appeals experience paired with our daily trial practice gives us the unique ability to not only explain the likelihood of success in appealing the ruling from the trial court, but also the long-term benefits or consequences you may see from winning an appeal and what the steps will look like at the trial court level after the appeal has been heard by the Court of Appeals (yes, frequently cases have to be re-heard, at least in part, at the trial level after an appeal, and by the same Judge that originally ruled). Appeals are not only procedurally complex, but they are not a “quick fix” to a trial court’s misstep. Let us talk you through whether you are eligible to appeal your matter, what the process will look like, how long the process will take, and whether there are other options to avoid having to appeal your matter.

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