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If you are not represented by one of our attorneys and are looking to mediate your case, Mike Godley has over 30 years of experience litigating family law cases, and over 15 years of experience mediating family law cases. Mike still litigates in addition to mediation, which means that Mike stays up to date on the current climate of the courtroom, the Judges’ tendencies and the most recent law coming down the pipeline. Mike has seen cases go sideways in court even with the best attorneys on both sides, and more importantly has seen the financial burden litigating cases puts on a client regardless of the outcome. Mike believes that every case can be settled if the parties are committed to keeping their personal lives out of the courtroom, open to compromise and committed to coming to the table with the goal of leaving mediation with the least amount of emotional damage to the parties and the children. While Mike typically mediates cases for clients who have their own attorneys to advise them throughout the process, Mike also welcomes mediating for parties that do not have attorneys.

Mediation for Unmarried Couples (Including Same-Sex and Non-Traditional Families): We understand that our clients want to ensure that we understand their situation, especially when their situation is what they may think is non-traditional. We understand that unmarried couples, both same-sex and opposite-sex, face the same challenges as married couples, and then some. Unfortunately, not all of our laws have caught up with addressing issues arising out of relationships that did not involve marriage. Mike Godley is eager to mediate cases for unmarried couples, and eager to find resolutions to problems that the law does not address in the most efficient ways. Non-traditional families face a few more hurdles when seeking relief through the justice system, so Mike welcomes the opportunity to help these families reach resolution without having to involve the courts. Further, all of our attorneys are eager to help unmarried couples work through their family law issues, and to accompany them to mediation with the other party in the hopes of finding a resolution that works for everyone.

We truly believe in the power of mediation. Not only do we think it’s best for our clients to try and work with the other side before going to court, but the court requires us to try and mediate child custody and equitable distribution before going in front of a Judge. Not only will our attorneys accompany you to mediation and help you make good decisions, we will help you prepare before mediation to make sure you understand how the process works and are aware what comprehensive settlement options are possible so you are not surprised at mediation.

Don’t wait. Protect yourself today.