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Compassion. Advocacy. Dignity.

We are a full service family law and estate planning firm serving Iredell, Mecklenburg and the surrounding counties.

Compassion is the core of effective advocacy. For some, advocacy means keeping your personal life out of the courtroom, and for others, advocacy means being fully prepared to represent your interests effectively. We strike this balance with experience and skill so that you and your family can confidently move forward with your lives.

  • Divorce & Family Law
    Family law is everything from drafting and negotiating premarital agreements to establishing paternity and, yes, divorce. Family law situations can be stressful and difficult for everyone, but it does not have to be that way. We will help you move forward confidently and with dignity.
  • Mediation
    Not only do we think it’s best for parties to try and work with one another before going to court, but the courts require it. We help parties see a place of compromise and commitment to leaving mediation with the least emotional damage to everyone involved.
  • Trusts & Estate Planning
    We’ll guide you through the process of anticipating and arranging your estate to minimize taxes and offer other benefits. Trusts allow a third party, or trustee, to hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary.
  • Appeals
    Appeals are not only procedurally complex, but they are not a “quick fix” to a trial court’s misstep. Let us talk you through whether you are eligible to appeal, what the process will look like, and whether there are other options available to you.
Our Services

Streamlining your complex situation into a personalized legal strategy.

Evaluate the situation.

We learn the nuances of your current situation, your immediate needs, and your long-term goals during your family law consultation*. We address how the relevant law applies to you, and what you would like our role to be in that process.

Execute the strategy.

We implement a step-by-step plan to meet the goals set in your initial consultation, and set realistic expectations for the timeline to achieve those goals. We are accessible every step of the way to make sure your questions are answered.

Move forward.

Every strategy we execute is designed with your future in mind. We streamline our approach to move you through this phase expeditiously. This is your first step towards a new beginning and we want to start you off in the right direction.

Schedule a consultation*

*Cost of consultation depends on the attorney you choose.

“Seth and his team had been highly recommended to me by a friend.  Seth did not disappoint.  He turned what could have been a very stressful and adversarial situation into one where I could rely on his judgment and leadership to secure me an outcome I was very happy with.  So happy in fact, that when I needed wills drawn up, I went back to Seth and his team and they provided top notch service once again.  Seth is intelligent, savvy and compassionate. He knows when to be assertive and when to be collaborative. You are in excellent hands with Seth and his team.

Julie B.

“During the stressful season of life that is your divorce, let me recommend the experience of Mike Godley and his team to handle your legal needs.  They reassured me that this is indeed a season of life and were instrumental in helping me navigate a path forward.  Happily on the other side of my divorce, it is my hope that you too will put your trust in their expert guidance, professionalism, and compassion during your time of need.

Whitney J.

“I would like to give Seth Glazer and his team a shout out regarding their assistance with managing and guiding me through my divorce process.  In my period of unpleasantness, they were attentive, responsive, had constructive and accurate information for me and were reasonable in the costs associated with this difficult time.  Stephane Rockey, one of the paralegals on Seth Glazer's team was extremely impressive with her management of documents, timelines, response to emails and general case management skills.  Thank you again to Seth Glazer and the team at Godley, Glazer & Funk.

J. D.

“My experience with Seth Glazer and his team at Godley, Glazer & Funk has been phenomenal. Working through divorce and family issues is always fraught, but Seth and his team were supportive, honest and accessible throughout the process.  The care for me and my boys was more than I could have hoped.  I highly recommend Seth and his team, who have always served my family's best interests.

Jennifer D.

“Seth provided exceptionally sound legal advice throughout one of the most difficult times of my life, and his paralegal Stephane made sure everything went as smoothly as possible from start to finish.  As a team, they are approachable, listened intently, and guided me through each stage of the legal process with both empathy and professionalism. They earned my trust, and I have already recommended their services to others in full confidence that each will have the best representation possible.


“When beginning the divorce process, I knew I needed a solid firm that would support and guide me through a difficult time, while keeping my end goals in focus.  Mike Godley and his team did just that. His professional guidance helped me navigate a very tough and emotional divorce.  Through mediation, we were able to avoid a lengthy court process and ensure the future success of both my children and myself.  I now look back a year later and love my new life.  I am thankful I had Mike Godley and his team representing my interests.


“Mike Godley and his outstanding team of legal professionals were just the right partners I needed to battle a child custody case.  They were all very knowledgeable and guided me in the right direction.  They were able to negotiate terms that were better than expected.  I will definitely reach out to them if something should arise in the future.


“Mike is the consummate professional.  He truly cares about his clients and is not just looking to collect a fee.  He is the voice of reason, keeping you centered during an emotional time so you can achieve the best outcome.  During mediation, when discussions were not fruitful, he called an attorney only meeting and got things moving forward.  He was able to negotiate a very favorable support settlement on my behalf.  I highly recommend his services.


“Thomas (Mike) Godley is knowledgeable, personable, and responsive. He assisted me legally and personally through a very difficult time.  His legal advice was always followed by an acknowledgement that I was in charge.  When the help I needed was beyond the legal sphere, he was able to recommend other professional experts (counselor, financial advisor, etc).  If you need an attorney who is professional and compassionate, choose Mike Godley.


“Whilst experiencing severe emotional distress and mental health issues related to my ending marriage, I was referred to Mike Godley.  Mike, Will, and their associates have been unbelievably kind and supportive at a time when I needed gentility.  They've offered focus, direction, and resolution during this most difficult time.  I am very grateful for their diligence, knowledge, and insight.


“Mike did a great job with a very challenging situation. The settlement reached was likely much more favorable than a judgment would have been in court.  He struck the correct balance between knowing when to fight, but also seeking an amicable resolution at the same time.


“After an emergency room visit with our infant child for an accidental injury, we were the subjects of a child abuse investigation by DSS.  We engaged Seth Glazer and Maren Funk immediately.  The DSS process is opaque, convoluted and slow.  Seth and Maren ensured that proper procedures were followed, that incorrect information submitted by case workers was corrected, and that the interests of our family were protected.  Seth and Maren saw our case through to the optimal outcome, which was not guaranteed absent their involvement.  They were supportive, understanding and responsive during the worst weeks of our lives.  We cannot recommend them more strongly to any family that is involved with DSS.

S.L. & C.L.

“Seth and his team have provided exemplary legal support for my children and me. Seth's foresight, beginning with my divorce, secured a strong foundation for us to build on.  I highly recommend Seth and his team, and I am confident in Seth's leadership, representation, and knowledge.


Mike represented me in my divorce. I could not have found a better family law attorney to partner with during this difficult time in my life. Mike is respectful, courteous, honest and attentive. The process was explained clearly from the first meeting. Mike always had the time and patience to answer my questions and provide suggestions and options. I always felt respected and I never felt judged, which provided a good foundation of trust to work together. The outcome of the process was above my expectation, both in professionalism, attention to detail, timely communication and overall outcome. I would recommend Mike to anyone that needs representation in their family law / divorce matter.


I have known Mike Godley for about 14 years. Prior to doing any work with him, my impression was that he was an assertive attorney, relentless in the pursuit of the best outcome for his clients. We would chat from time to time on various financial questions relating to a particular case. Mike has engaged me to assist him with complex matters over the last few years. I have appreciated the opportunity and know we both bring experience / expertise and different perspectives to the client. The end result is that his clients benefit greatly from such advocacy! Having a Certified Financial Planner ™ on the team as an independent partner enhances both the client experience and outcome. And, it makes the opposing counsel quite curious! - SS


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