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Mary Anna




Craven Community College: Certified Paralegal 

Why I Became a Paralegal

I began as a receptionist in a local law firm in New Bern, North Carolina. At the time, the firm consisted of three attorneys, all of which took the time to teach me family and bankruptcy law. After one year, the firm split and I began my next fifteen years with one of the most prestigious family law attorneys (now retired) in our little town. The more I learned, the more I enjoyed the work. Family law involves dealing with people at their worst and trying to improve their situation in any way possible. The job itself can be hard and often draining; however, it can also be fulfilling. My favorite part of being a paralegal is preparing for trial-starting with chaos, organizing it, studying it, and creating a beautiful work of art that I get to watch unfold. I take a lot of pride in my work and my experience. It is an inimitable feeling knowing your hard work was an integral element of a successful case! 

When I am not wearing my paralegal hat, I am busy being a mom of two and enjoying life. I love anything crafty and creative, especially painting. I love experiencing anything new, from food and places to movies and music. I love being near any body of water; that is my peaceful happy place. I have a small circle but love spending time with my tribe. 

Professional Affiliations + Community Involvement

North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal

Notary Public